Traducciones NO oficiales del 2ndo Rey, Heredero y Representante del Padre Verdadero, Hyung Jin Moon y Yeonah Moon, de la Iglesia Santuario, PA, EE.UU.

“The Unification Church needs to be Broken Up”

Sermon by Mrs. Erikawa on March 27, 2016

Brief Summary

(This is not to be taken as an official translation of Father’s words or content of the sermon.)

These are True Father’s words from May 14, 2005:

“The Unification Church needs to be broken up.  If I break it apart, new buds will sprout and it will survive.  If I break it up new buds will sprout in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations for many decades without rotting.  The most important book that will remain at that time will be this book, the Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong (Peace Messages).”

Mrs. Erikawa:

The Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong contains 15 of True Father’s public declarations and messages from the spiritual world. The introduction reads as follows: “The fifteen messages of peace contained in this volume represent the essential teachings of the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon… They serve as a guidebook for our eternal lives, and they form the basis for bringing about a world of everlasting peace.”

When True Father was alive I was so busy trying to fulfill the mission he gave me that I did not have time to see the entire picture of what True Father was doing.  It is only now, that I understand how seriously Father was fighting a life-and-death battle to carry out the providence to establish God’s Kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, on the earth.

2001 January 13: True Father offered the Ceremony for the Coronation of God’s Kingship when Father liberated God.  Father then declared that Foundation Day would be held 12 years later on January 13, 2013.  12 years represented 3 years each for the formation stage (2001 – 2004), growth stage (2005-2008) and perfection stage (2009-2012).  Father said that Foundation Day is when God’s nation (Kingdom of God) would substantially start on earth.

 2004:                       After 34 years in the USA (33 years of Jesus’ life plus 1 year) True Father returned to Korea.  He said that he had given the golden years of his life to America.  He was 85 years old at that time and said that his life course was God’s life course and that one day represented one year.  True Father made a special condition at Yeosu going out to sea every day for 85 consecutive days.  That was truly a miracle because it is impossible for an 85-year old man to go out to sea every day for 85 days in a row.

May 5:         On the foundation of that condition of jeongseong, True Father declared An Shi Il.  What is An Shi Il?  It represents the end of the era of Satan’s dominion before the coming of Heaven, and the beginning of the age after the coming of Heaven on earth.  True Father declared that Yeosu was the Original Garden of Eden

 2005                        At the top of the formation stage, True Father established the Cosmic Federation for World Peace to build the foundation to establish God’s nation.

 2008                     This year was the top of the growth stage.  What happened in that year?

March 17: Hyo Jin Nim suddenly passed to the spirit world.  Father appeared dauntless at the Seunghwa ceremony, but afterwards he grieved so much for Hyo Jin Nim in Hawaii.  Father began to suffer more difficulty with his legs in walking. Up until this year True Father had spoken of the Pacific Rim Era, but after Hyo Jin Nim’s passing, Father shifted the providence to Las Vegas, the Sodom and Gomorrah, hell on earth.  Father was working in Yeosu (representing Heaven, the Garden of Eden) and Las Vegas (hell) to restore everything within his lifetime.

April 9:      True Parents celebrated True Parents’ Day in Hawaii.  At that time the Unification church had entered candidates in the election for all the 299 members of the Korean National Assembly.  Rev. Hwan Son Jo reported very confidently that he thought at least 10 or 20 of the church candidates would be elected.  But it turned out to be a total defeat – no one was elected and the entire Korean church felt devastated. True Father said a revolution was needed in the UC.

         April 18:   True Father appointed Hyung Jin Moon as the International President of the UC.  True Father told him to offer “jeongsong” (devotion).  Hyung Jin Nim got up at 2:30am every day and made many conditions of jeongsong.  A few years earlier, Kook Jin Moon had gone to Korea to begin to clean up the businesses.  True Father set up Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim to bring the revolution to light the faith of members again.

         May 14:    True Father gave the speech above where he said he needed to break up the UC.  He said that if he left the UC alone it would rot, but by breaking it up new buds would sprout. Together with his words, True Father provided a way to revive the church through Hyung Jin King and Kook Jin Nin.

         May 31:    Mrs. Erikawa was called from America by Father to work in Korea.  She was shocked to see the devastated faith of members in Korea after Hyo Jin Nim’s passing and defeat in the election.  Father gave her the mission to mobilize the 7,000 Japanese sisters Blessed to Korean husbands.  Father said the Japanese sisters went to Korea not just as wives, but as missionaries who should become like locomotives on the frontline of the providence.  I worked with Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim in Korea, but whatever we tried the members seemed spiritually dead, like a heavy rain had fallen and they couldn’t revive.

         July 19:     True Father’s helicopter accident.  It was an unprecedented miracle that all 16 people aboard the helicopter survived the accident.  In this way, True Father was fighting a life-and-death battle to make the conditions to establish God’s Kingdom.

 2010:                  True Father declared that Korea is God’s Fatherland.

2012:                  True Father suddenly passed to spirit world before accomplishing the Foundation Day that he had so anxiously been working to establish.


True Father always said that even if he dies that his words would remain forever. When Father said he had  to break up the UC, he said that the words that would remain at that time would be the “Peace Messages”.

In a speech in 1986 Father said that the purpose of the church is to build God’s nation.  God’s original ideal of creation is to build one world based on God’s nation.  The church’s goal isn’t to build the church but the build the nation.  Hyung Jin King is also teaching that the gospel is to build the Kingdom of God, not to build the church.

True Father also said in another speech that the age of the church will pass away.  What humankind wants is not a church.  The church is necessary in the fallen realm in order to go the way of restoration.  When we welcome a new age, the age of the church will end.  The UC is not to do church activity, but should reform the society.  This is the path you should go. The church is the Holy of Holies that connects Heaven and Earth.  It is the spiritual pillar that determines the prosperity or demise of the nation.  It is the source of spiritual life that supports our daily life.

I met Mr. Kamiyama twice this year.  He wanted to meet me because he said the situation of the Unification group is so depressing now.  His greatest concern was how to liberate True Father of his “han” and tears due to the state of the church and world.  The second issue he was concerned about was that True Father’s words were disappearing from the Family Fed. We need to protect Father’s words.  The third point was that we are the spiritual pillars, but we aren’t doing our responsibility therefore the True Family and the world is suffering. So we agreed that we have to repent and do something to liberate True Father who must be suffering in the spirit world.

Of course, Mr. Kamiyama is with the third son (Hyun Jin Moon) and I am with the 2nd King (Hyung Jin Moon).  We talked about this as well.  When the time comes maybe I can share about this.  But the point was that we need to bring the True Family together.  We are the spiritual pillars that determine the rise or fall of the nation.  We felt this reality when we were church leaders in Japan. If we don’t fulfill our responsibility the world will suffer.  Look at the terrorist attacks around the world and in Brussels.  North Korea declared war on President Park of South Korea.  War could break out at any time on the Korean peninsula.

True Father’s words from 1960:

“If the church divides into two or three God will leave it.  That is the principle of Heaven. God’s grace will be with the families.  They won’t go to church anymore, but will get on their knees to pray to God at home.  Just wait and see if this happens or not.”

Isn’t this our situation now?  The Family Fed. is not the central church any more.  They made a new theology that they are teaching to the “Top Gun” future leaders and the Peace Academy students who are the top, future leaders of the Family Fed.  The table of contents of their new theology has 19 headings.  The title of Chapter 3 is “True Mother is God” and Chapter 7 is “True Mother is the Messiah”.  This is way beyond Mother’s declaration on July 1, 2014 when she stated that she was the only begotten daughter.  Everyone was shocked at that time, but kept their mouths shut.  On October 17, Mother explained in more detail about the only begotten daughter; again, everyone kept silent.  Now the Family Fed. ise openly lifting up mother as the messiah.

The Messiah has God’s love, life, lineage and seed.  Without the seed a woman is an empty field.  True Father had to restore mother from the fallen world.  Mother was victorious to a certain level, unfortunately she flipped on Foundation Day.  True Father fought a life-and-death battle to establish a victorious foundation for God’ nation on earth and went to the spirit world.  Because of the situation today, we rose up to support Father.

On July 4 True Father spoke to me from the spirit world.  He told me that the heavenly fortune had left the UC and that if I don’t take the heavenly fortune that the nation will fall.  So I accepted this responsibility. Initially, I wanted to save mother no matter how difficult or how much persecution I may receive. But now I see that as Father said, we need  to break up the UC.  It is already happening.  Father is doing it from the spirit world.  There are several experiences I had that made me see that the UC really needs to be broken up.

For example, the 16 young graduates from the Peace Academy were sent out to their new leadership positions around the world.  The son of a dedicated Sanctuary Church family is among these new leaders sent out by the Family Fed.  The parents were worried that if their son became a leader teaching this new theology that he would be committing a great sin.  They stopped him from going and talked with him for 1½ days.  They asked Mrs. Erikawa if she could talk with him.  So I went to meet them, but when I got there he was gone.  I don’t know if the son ran away or was kidnapped, but he is being controlled by the Family Fed from behind.  He took only his passport and important papers and left.  The parents said that he later called and asked them to send his personal belongings, but they told him that he should come home and get them himself.  They told me that their son may have received an education, but he was not ready yet to be a leader over others.  It would be better if he started from the bottom.

In another case, there is a Family Fed church in a rural area with 18 families, but 16 of them began supporting the Sanctuary Church.  They received heavy persecution being visited many times by Family Fed. leaders.  Usually nobody comes to visit them, so Mrs. Erikawa went to encourage them.  But the Family Fed. found out and sent negative messages telling all the families not to meet her.  Even so, 8 steadfast families came to her meeting.  It’s a very peaceful place with several islands.  I was really surprised. I asked them what was their biggest concern.  They said it was their sons’ Blessing.  These are previously married couples that are part of the 30,000 or 360,000 couple Blessing. I asked how old their sons were. The sons were all in their 40’s.  The families have been in the UC for 20 to 30 years and are now in their 70s and 80s.  The parents had paid the Blessing fees and made donations to the church, but their sons were still not Blessed during all these years.  Only after they started associating with the Sanctuary Church did the Family Fed. start visiting them.

Hyung Jin King calls the UC the Family Fraud.  It is not only a fraud, but they are criminals violating people’s human rights. All the members are in debt from the donations they gave to the UC.  Because they joined the UC they didn’t want their sons to have a regular marriage. But since the sons weren’t blessed, the parents don’t have anyone to take after the family business or home.  They were ignored by the UC and no one took care of them.  I am responsible as well because I was part of the UC without knowing what was happening.  But now I felt I have to solve the problems of each of these families and find brides for their sons.

John chapter 13 depicts the scene of the last supper where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. Jesus said,

“If I then, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you.”

True Father is really a person of true love.  Father is never proud of himself.  At times Father would use honorific speech in addressing us.  We were shocked.  In the Cheon Seong Gyeong True Father says that he can’t sleep or eat when he thinks of members who are sacrificing themselves for God’s will.  True Father is really our parent.  Father likes sweet potatoes, at the meal he would pass his food to us.  I witnessed that many times.  Whenever we met Father, he was always concerned about us and asked if we had enough to eat.  Just as Jesus told his disciples to do as he did, Father was showing us the life of living for others.

John 14:23 “If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.  He who does not love me does not keep my words; and the word which you hear is not mine but the Father’s who sent me.”

We love Father’s word. We came out of the Family Fraud. Because we want to keep Father’s word.  We are the new buds coming out of the rotten church that Father tried to break apart.  We should keep Father’s words and follow Father to build God’s Kingdom.

John 13:34 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another, by this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

If we say this in Father’s words it would be: let us practice true love, living for the sake of others, then True Father will be here; God will be dwelling here.  People will recognize that this is the Kingdom of Heaven.  You may not have had many experiences with True Father, but he was really a person of true love.  Father always had empathy for us, he never ordered us from above.  True Father always wanted to give more.  160,000 Japanese women directly received True Father’s words and teaching to save Japan that was crumbling.

I believe True Father is now breaking up the UC.  We need to support True Father centering on Hyung Jin King.  There is a special prayer group that has been praying for more than 10 years.  Each one came to Sanctuary Church by God or True Father’s guidance.  This prayer group received the following message from God on March 23:

“God and True Father are working like a hurricane in the spirit world.  People who follow Jesus, the Messiah, God will receive a message from the spirit world and will come to the Sanctuary Church.”

The prayer group then asked what they should do. They received the answer that they should just testify to God, True Father and Hyung Jin Moon; they should prepare to be a witness for them.

Also, in a recent meeting, Koon Jin Moon said that he felt that because the UC became so corrupted that True Father gave UC to Satan and in exchange is taking back the evangelical Christians who Satan had taken.  The evangelical Christians have faith in God and have been waiting for the return of Christ.  God is giving them another chance.

There will be the (first stage) 4,300 couple Blessing this year on August 17.  It may seem like an impossible goal, but even 2,100 (the goal for the last Blessing) seemed impossible.  But if the 3,000 people restored to the Sanctuary Church work with God, it will be possible.  We are like the 3,000 that were restored by the apostles after Jesus resurrection and then went out witnessing.  God and True Father are working like a hurricane from the spirit world.

Let us practice a life of true love, not a fake life, sharing each other’s burdens helping each other to create a new Sanctuary Church.

(Closing prayer by Mrs. Erikawa.)



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